leadership statistics logoOn this site we aim to gather leaderhip statistics. Presenting it to you in a way that helps you become a better leader.

It could also be that the leadership statistics will help you in helping others become better leaders.

Base your decisions on leadership statistics

Some times we hear myths about leadership, management and social interactions. With the support of leadership statistics we can find more accurate data to base our decisions on. One of the stories often told by management consultants and human resource trainers is the study that showed that our biggest fear is not death, but to stand up and talk in front of other people. Find out if there is truth in this statement...

Leadership statistics and effeciency

One area where this leadership data can aid us in the efficiency of leadership styles. How well do different ways of leading truly perform? Statistically that is. Another research we have been exposed to showed what kind of recognition employees prefered to get from their boss or leader. Money was not number one.

Your leadership and input is appreciated

If you have any leadership related statistics that you would like to share, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to include it. If you have requests about specific types of data, send those as well and we will see what we can find.

We will update the site when new leadership statistics become available and if we think it is the kind of information that could be of interest. Enjoy your visit, whether in your eyes you are a leader today or not, and welcome back another time.

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